Scholarship Information

The Zachary Gonzalez Scholarship Foundation was established in 2014 by his loving family to honor his memory and to perpetuate Zach's zeal as a wrestler, a student and for life.

By sponsoring family oriented events in the local community, it is the Foundation's goal to raise funds which will provide financial support to deserving Pennsbury High School wrestlers (seniors). This scholarship is to further their educational pursuits, be they college, a trade school or technical institute.

The main focus of the Foundation is to foster bicycle safety for all, but particularly children, and non-impaired driving education to those we encounter. 

Mission Statement

Zachary Gonzalez Scholarship Foundation

Applying for a Scholarship

This scholarship will be presented to two senior student­ wrestlers at Pennsbury High School, whose intention is to further their education after graduation.

The following requirements must be met to be considered as a candidate for a scholarship:

The student must apply for the scholarship, in writing, to the Parents of Pennsbury Wrestling board. This application will be reviewed by the board, coaches and the family of Zach Gonzalez.

The wrestler should:

• Be a 4 year wrestler

• Be a proud representative of the Pennsbury Wrestling Team

• Have maintained a B average throughout high school

• Be a respected student­ athlete in the Pennsbury community

• Must conduct themselves with dignity on and off the mat

• Must be accepted into a college program or trade school at time of application

Our first two scholarships were awarded on April 9, 2015 in the amount of $1000 each. These two scholarships were awarded to a pair of senior wrestlers at Pennsbury High School. These are offered to assist with the cost incurred with further education expenses. We are proud to offer these in memory of Zach. Zach was a freshman at Pennsbury and a member of JV wrestling team when he was killed.